New Client Offer

Get started on your Pilates journey with our New Client Offer:​

  • Initial Consultation: familiarise yourself with the authentic Pilates apparatus and exercises, including the correct breathing and postural awareness. A brief assessment will be conducted and a discussion of your goals and how you can achieve them through your authentic Pilates sessions. 

  • Private Session: an extra chance to get to know the apparatus and develop your confidence with the exercises before joining a group class.

  • Small Group Session: experience a small group class with a maximum of 3 other clients of your ability and feel invigorated, flexible and strong.

Read more about our New Client Offer here.


Small Group Class

55 min | Maximum 4 clients

Each class has a maximum of 4 people so we can truly focus on the needs of our clients and ensure that you are executing the exercises correctly for maximum benefit for your body. We endeavour to cater to each individuals needs as much as possible within the parameters of a small group class.   Small Group classes provide a full body workout creating strength, flexibility, balance, control, agility and tone in the body. Classes may use a combination of the Reformer, Towers, Wunda Chairs , Spine Correctors and Mat Work. There are 3 levels of classes catering to all needs and abilities.

1 class per week $42 | 2 classes per week $80 | 3 classes per week $105

Private Class

55 min | 30 min

A one on one session in which you focus on your own personal needs and goals in a class tailored especially for you. Private sessions are recommended for those with rehabilitation needs.

55 min $80 | 30 min $40

The Mat Work

45 min | Maximum 6 clients

Add a Mat Work session to your Small Group or Private classes! The Mat Work is a classical mat class following the mat work created by Joseph Pilates for a total body workout, using your own body weight and small apparatus. Mat Work sessions are only available to APM Clients attending small group or private classes.


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To promote commitment, motivation and discipline clients make permanent bookings into select classes each week and are auto-billed on a fortnightly or monthly basis. We understand clients need holidays and that life happens, so all plans can be suspended or cancelled as needed. APM does not offer casual sessions for group classes. APM small group clients may purchase private sessions on a casual basis as needed. Please read terms and conditions here for full details.