Initial Consultation

The Initial Consultation is a one hour session which includes an assessment, a discussion of your goals and an introduction to the authentic Pilates method. This session allows you time to familiarise yourself with the authentic Pilates apparatus and exercises, including the correct breathing and postural awareness needed for performing these exercises. The Initial Consultation is recommended to be undertaken as part of the New Client Offer.

Small Group Class

Maximum 4 Clients per Class

Authentic Pilates Small Group classes utilise one or all the pieces of apparatus in the Studio including the Reformer, Cadillac/Tower, Wunda Chair, Spine Corrector/Barrels and Mat Work. Each class provides a full body workout creating strength, flexibility, balance, control, agility and tone in the body. There are 3 levels of Group Studio Classes catering to all Clients needs and abilities.

Private Class

Private sessions offer clients an opportunity to focus on their own specific needs and goals. In a private class we use the apparatus best suited to the Client and their needs - this may include one or all pieces of apparatus in the Studio, including the Reformer, Cadillac/Tower, Wunda Chair, High/Low Barrels, Spine Corrector, High Chair, Pedi-Pole, Foot Corrector and Mat Work. Private sessions are recommended for clients with rehabilitation needs.

The Mat Work

Maximum 8 Clients per Class

The Mat Work is a classical mat class following the mat work created by Joseph Pilates for a total body workout, using your own body weight and small apparatus. The Mat Work is a vigorous flowing workout and is a great accompaniment to your Group or Private Studio Classes. Mat Work sessions are only available to APM Clients as an addition to their Small Group or Private class. 

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