The best way to get started on your Pilates journey at Authentic Pilates Melbourne is with our New Client Offer:

  • An Initial Consultation: in your first session we discuss your goals,assess your body's needs and provide an introduction to the authentic Pilates method.

  • A Private session: an individual session with an instructor gives you an extra chance to get to know the apparatus and develop your confidence with the exercises before joining a group class.

  • A Group Session: experience a small group class with a maximum of 3 other clients of your ability and feel invigorated, flexible and strong.


Offer must be used in a 3 week consecutive period. This offer is not valid for certified Pilates Instructors.


Today, Pilates seems to be everywhere from your local gym to YouTube, touting the many and varied aspects in which it can "tone your core". However, Authentic Pilates is so much more than that!

While these many forms have a base in the Pilates exercises, the original method created by Joseph Pilates is the authentic philosophy - now referred to as "classical" or "authentic" Pilates, which we practice at APM.

Pilates or 'Contrology" as Joseph Pilates named his exercise regime, was created nearly 100 years ago as a method of reconditioning both body and mind to work at peak efficiency.


Authentic Pilates practices movement from a strong centre with a dynamic two-way stretch.

It uses flexion, extension and oppositional forces, correct alignment and 6 principles of moving: Centering, Control, Concentration, Precision, Breath and Fluidity.


It addresses structural alignment, reinforces positive postural habits, improves blood circulation, boosts muscle power and builds endurance.

In a session of Authentic Pilates, you will work from your toes to the crown of your head, developing a long flexible spine, a strong stable core, and long, lean limbs. You will train your body to engage your core and to find your centre t o move in every direction a body can move, but with control.

Training your body in this way takes the exercise out of the Studio into your everyday life, enhancing all your other physical pursuits, staving off potential injuries and creating lifelong mobility.



"As someone who does not usually enjoy attending fitness classes, I am pleasantly surprised to find myself looking forward to Pilates at Authentic Pilates Melbourne! Michaela makes the experience so welcoming and just hard enough that after each session I feel like I have pushed myself beyond my own expectations. I feel stronger and more flexible than I have in ages after just a few weeks of training. I swear I am standing taller and have found abs I didn't know I possessed! This is a beautiful, light and clean studio with excellent equipment and teachers who offer precise instruction so that you get the intended benefit of this method. What a great addition to Hampton."


"Authentic Pilates Melbourne is a fantastic studio! I started Pilates 1 year ago and cannot believe how much it has changed my body. The instructors are so passionate about teaching the authentic Joseph Pilates technique and ensuring you perform every pose and sequence correctly that you really feel you achieve a lot out of every session. I love that they constantly observe you and correct where necessary to make sure you are doing the poses correctly. The equipment is also authentic - straight from New York! and is no comparison to other Pilates equipment I have used which makes a big difference to your workout! My body is the best it's ever been. My core is so strong, my posture is so much better and my flexibility constantly improving. I do 2 sessions a week but wish I could do more. It's now my passion...I just love it!!"



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