PLUS 50% off your first month!


Free Intro Session

For 2 weeks only, we are offering a FREE, no obligation, session to introduce you to the authentic method of Pilates. 

Usually $90 for an Initial Consultation, if you have been thinking about starting Pilates, this is a great opportunity to give it a try. Make 2019 your year to start your Pilates Journey!

Free Intro Sessions are available between Monday February 4 and Saturday February 16.

Full Terms and Conditions of offer can be read here.

PLUS first month 50% off

Authentic Pilates Melbourne is the only Pilates Studio in Bayside that has an entire studio of classical Pilates apparatus direct from the original makers in New York.  We are also the only Studio that teaches the authentic method, using the system that Joseph Pilates devised. This system is a proven, scientific method with millions of followers worldwide and contains no gimmicks, it just requires patience, persistence and consistency.

With this in mind, we are offering 50% off 2 of our most popular monthly packs for the first month, so you can really immerse yourself in your Pilates journey and can see the results for yourself!

Group Session Pack

2 small group sessions per week - max 4 clients

Full authentic Pilates classes utilising all the apparatus: reformer, tower, mat, barrels and chairs. Classes are levelled so you will always get the best workout you need for your body.

1 mat class per week

A great addition to your group session, mat classes are a fast paced flowing classical mat, including small apparatus such as weights, magic circles and Thera bands.

regular price $288
Private Session Pack

1 Private Session per Week

A one on one session in which you focus on your own personal needs and goals in a class tailored especially for you. Private sessions are recommended for those with rehabilitation needs.

1 mat class per week

Enjoy the vibe of a group class, boost your private sessions and get to know other APM clients  with a mat class each week. 

regular price $312

This offer is only available on the day of your FREE Intro Session but you can choose when you start your half price month of authentic Pilates!

What is Authentic Pilates?

Pilates or “Contrology” as Joseph Pilates named his exercise regime, was created nearly 100 years ago as a method of reconditioning both body and mind to work at peak efficiency. Authentic Pilates practices movement from a strong centre with a dynamic two-way stretch. It uses flexion, extension and oppositional forces, correct alignment and six principles of moving: Centering, Control, Concentration, Precision, Breath and Fluidity. It addresses structural alignment, reinforces positive postural habits, improves blood circulation, boosts muscle power and builds endurance. In a session of authentic Pilates, you will work from your toes to the crown of your head, developing a long flexible spine, a strong stable core, and long, lean limbs. You will train your body to engage your core and to find your centre to move in every direction a body can move, but with control. Training your body in this way takes the exercise out of the Studio into your everyday life, enhancing all your other physical pursuits, staving off potential injuries and creating lifelong mobility.

How do I Book my FREE session?

Click on any of the "Book Now" buttons to take you to our online Schedule, select the day and time that suits you best (between Feb 4 and 16) and then sign-up to book in!

Can't find a time that suits you in the online schedule? Please call our Studio Manager, Michaela Brown, on 0412 513 955 or email info@authenticpilatesmelbourne.com.au to organise a suitable time.



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