Meet The APM Team

Michaela Brown

Director Authentic Pilates Melbourne

APM Pilates Instructor

Certified Authentic Pilates Education International Instructor

Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction (910521NAT)

Michaela's journey to becoming a Pilates Instructor arises from a long struggle with the debilitating effects of fibromyalgia. Seeking a way to exercise without bringing on this condition, she began Pilates & was amazed at the strength & mobility she regained in her body. Pilates became  an essential part of a group of alternative therapies she used to manage her fibromyalgia. Many years later, her condition under control, she became passionate about teaching this method to others.

Michaela is client focused, striving to maintain the authentic Pilates methodology to "teach to the body" so clients achieve the results they seek. Michaela loves that Pilates allows her to work with people enthusiastic about making changes in their lives and being a part of this transformative process. She loves being able to work with people of all ages, genders & cultures and has a special interest in working with people who live with chronic conditions.

Michaela is committed to continuing her life-long education in Pilates attending conferences, seminars & workshops presented by renowned Pilates Professionals such as Simona Cipriani, Sean Gallagher, Brooke Siler and Kathi Ross Nash.

Michaela is extremely passionate about the authentic Pilates method & the results that it can bring to the body. She is excited to bring the authentic method to Hampton in her unique Pilates boutique studio.


Rachel Lotspeich

APM Pilates Instructor & APEI Mentor

Certified Authentic Pilates Education International Instructor

Certified Pilates Instructor by the Pilates Technique Certification

Rachel Lotspeich, originally from Melbourne, lived in the United States for the past twenty one years and has taught Pilates for the last 17 years. She completed her Classical Pilates training in 2001, after being certified through the intensive and highly regarded Pilates Technique Certification, run by Jill Cassady who was trained by Romana Kryzanowska (a Joseph Pilates protege). Rachel has experience working in a Physio Therapy clinic, with pre and post natal clients and as an Assistant Teacher Trainer on one the most established Pilates teacher training programs in Los Angeles, PTC, for ten years. 


She started Classic Pilates Body (Los Angeles) in January 2009 and it has become one of the most successful studios in Los Angeles, thought of as one the premier studios and “the place to go for a true Classical Pilates workout” She credits Pilates for her fast recovery after the birth of her daughter and has enjoyed teaching people of all ages and levels of experience. 

Her focus has been private/individual client sessions, with a sprinkling of duets. She finds the rewards of working one-on-one with a person to be the most fulfilling for both client and instructor.

She is excited to now include Melbourne in her Pilates career. "Classical Pilates is not as established here yet, but we are on a mission to change that at APM! I know how it changes people’s bodies and lives and I’m excited for our clients here at APM to find out just how much".



Eve Fairbairn

APM Pilates Instructor & APEI Mentor

Certified Authentic Pilates Education International Instructor

Peak Pilates Level 1 Master Instructor

Certified Peak Pilates Instructor

Eve Fairbairn (Marie-Eve) was born in Quebec City, Canada and moved to Melbourne over a decade ago. She was first introduced to Pilates at a professional dance studio in Quebec City in her jazz and modern classes but really pursued her love for this discipline once in Melbourne. This is where she fully trained as an instructor with Peak Pilates and also became a Level 1 Master Instructor with them.


To further her profession development and gain greater knowledge and abilities, she entered the Authentic Pilates Education International bridging course. Eve is now a mentor for the APEI certification at APM.

Movement has been a part of Eve's life since she was young, dancing most of her youth and also skiing. She was a ski instructor for 5 years. Eve is also a Booty Barre and bbareless certified instructor. 


As Eve's journey as a Pilates instructor evolves, her goal is to be working with athletes of all ages. She feel that classical Pilates is a great avenue to develop greater strengths and abilities for the practice of a sport at an elite level whether it is tennis, golf, football, ski or any other sport. It is also a great way to help with injury prevention.



Elaine Kwok

APM Pilates Instructor

Certified Authentic Pilates Education International Instructor

Elaine has been into movement and sport from a young age and has always enjoyed an adrenaline rush - from hiking Mt Kilimanjaro, kayaking, multi-discipline adventure racing, mountain biking to long-distance running. Elaine trained and taught martial arts for over 25 years and holds a third-degree black belt in Kyokushin Karate, a Japanese full contact style, and has competed in Australia and internationally.


Overcoming knee injuries sustained from long-distance running were the main reasons she took up Pilates. Combined with her martial arts training, she discovered she could apply similar aspects of mind-body control discipline to her Pilates practice. 


Elaine's first taste of Pilates was in a Reformer studio in Sydney in 2005. After moving to Melbourne and teaching group fitness for over 10 years at gyms and also going to Pilates classes, she felt like learning more. Elaine undertook comprehensive teacher training through Authentic Pilates Education International to understand the entirety of Joseph Pilates’ system and how it helps improve our bodies. 

Elaine has an interest in helping our ageing population. Everyone needs to stay fit, be well and look and feel their best so they can ‘grow older yet feel younger’.