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Each month, APM delves a little into our client's background and finds out why they are doing Pilates and how it has helped them in their lives. Read on for more about our client Rachel Devine: mother, photographer, blogger, runner and general juggler of all the things that go with that!

Tell us a little about yourself?

I’m Rachel Devine, a 47 year old mother of three, a photographer and blogger living in Hampton, Victoria.

When did you start your Pilates journey?

I started my journey with Pilates just under a year ago when I wanted to find an exercise class that would supplement my jogging. I have a goal of running a half marathon before I turn fifty, so I felt I needed to increase my fitness training somehow. I heard a lot of other school mums who did Pilates, but had never tried it myself.

How did you find APM?

A friend recommended the studio to me as they were looking for a photographer. Seeing the exercises done as I photographed them got me thinking that I might just like to learn how to do it. I felt like the small class sizes and the concentrated exercises would really be something that fit my personality.

What is the main reason you keep doing Pilates?

It is hard to pick just one reason other than I feel great after doing Pilates! It is important to me to tell you all of the reasons I keep coming back. I have seen the most wonderful changes in my posture and muscle tone. After having twins, I was left with a severe abdominal diastasis (the separation of the abdominal muscles) and was considering surgery to fix it. After having to have different abdominal surgery and experiencing the horrible recovery, I decided that I would try to avoid going down that route if I could. The changes I saw in my tone and strength were nearly immediate with Pilates practise so I have stuck with it. Today the separation is noticeably smaller and I am confident I can close the gap completely without having to go under the knife. I feel stronger as I run now because of the work I have down to my Powerhouse. I stand up straighter and without ever going to Pilates for weight loss, I see my clothes fitting better! On top of all the results, I actually have fun in class with Michaela. There is nothing like having a good time to motivate you to come back...

What have you felt the biggest benefit has been?

The biggest benefit is the core strength that I have developed. This has helped me every single day with my posture and even with my running practice. I know that has come from Pilates.

Anything you find particularly challenging?

I am not super coordinated, so following the exacting routines of a classical pilates class is often hard for me. I am working on it though. And the exercise called Tree… I get really scared that I am going to fall right off the box on the reformer and onto the floor. I am working really hard to overcome that fear!

Do you have goals to reach in your Pilates journey?

I would like to become stronger in my upper body so that I can do the rowing sequences well. I would like to be more flexible too, but I am not sure that will be as achievable.

Do you have a favourite Pilates exercise or sequence?

I really like the Hundreds. I like that I can do them at home on the floor on days that I can’t get to class. Some of the Tower work is fun too as I really feel like it is nothing I have ever done before.

How often do you attend classes at APM?

I only go two days a week, but I would love to work up to three. I can certainly see the benefits of more regular sessions.

What do you love most about coming to Authentic Pilates Melbourne?

I love the small class sizes and the attention to detail. I feel like I am really getting the benefit of the specific work Joseph Pilates developed and not doing things incorrectly. It might be slow progressing, but I am happy that I am learning the proper exercises and techniques.

Thanks Rachel - we love being involved in your Pilates journey and watching you become stronger and more flexible each week! - APM

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