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How an introverted Research Librarian became a Pilates Instructor!

Sometimes in life we end up very far from where we started but turns out exactly where we need to be. My journey with Pilates started after a long battle with fibromylagia caused me to leave my job as a research librarian in a law firm and take some time out to heal myself. The day I left my job in the city was the day I walked into a Pilates studio. I had been walking past a Pilates studio near my train station every evening after work and I was intrigued by this form of exercise that I could see happening through the windows. My fibromyalgia had left it almost impossible for me to exercise and after always having been active and relatively fit, I found it quite scary that moving my body could cause debilitating fiery pains throughout my body. I can still remember my first Pilates session, I was so slow, it was so confusing, and there was so much to think about! But, I had no flareups and I could go each week to a session without ending up with pains throughout my body.

Time passed as it does, I had young children and a busy family life, I focused on getting well though diet, acupuncture and Pilates. By attending continuous Pilates sessions throughout these years, my body not only healed but became strong. I came to a point where I wanted to go back to work again but my journey to health had taken almost 8 years, I could no longer see myself spending my days hidden behind a computer screen in the city. During this time, I had built a life around health and wellness and I wanted to keep my life moving along this path.

Much to the disbelief of my family and friends I announced that I was going to become a Pilates Instructor! I loved this method, believed in it and wanted to have an active job for the rest of my life. Being an introverted, quiet person, this was unexpected to most who knew me. However, also being stubborn I persisted through all stereotypes that I could do this, I could become a Pilates Instructor! I was recommended to study at Authentic Pilates Education International (APEI) and began under the rigorous mentorship of Teacher Trainer Marda Willey in Melbourne and owner Olga Tamara in Sydney. For 2 years I challenged my body, my mind and my personality more than I ever expected I would. It is no doubt the hardest but most rewarding thing I have ever undertaken.

My dream to open my own Studio happened sooner than expected, opening “Authentic Pilates Melbourne” a Studio in my local community of Hampton also acting as host Studio for Authentic Pilates Education International, operating as a Teacher Training centre with Marda Willey at the helm.

Creating a Studio that has movement as its goal is my vision and what I work to achieve. I love working with people from all walks of life who grow to have a passion for Pilates and see the changes that it can create in their bodies. I love the close relationships I can form with my clients in our small group and private classes. Along with my fellow APEI instructors, I am passionate about keeping this original method of Pilates alive. It is this method of authentic Pilates as Joseph Pilates created it, using his equipment and his method that works to bring about great changes in the body.

Pilates is not just exercise, it’s not just about getting great abs and toned thighs, it is a method of healing – of strengthening the body and quietening the mind. These things sound simple but create such profound effects in the body and in life – stress relief, flexibility, balance, increased mobility, relief of aches and pains and more. Classical Pilates has enhanced my life in so many ways and I am so excited to be able to keep working in my beautiful Studio in the years to come being involved in my client’s own journeys with Pilates.

“Change happens through movement and movement heals” Joseph Pilates

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