Terms and Conditions



The goal of Authentic Pilates Melbourne is to help our clients achieve the results they are striving for through quality classical Pilates workouts. Our Clients commitment to achieving their goals is what we have foremost in mind with these membership packages. We believe to achieve real change in the body, Pilates must be practiced 3-4 times a week. Therefore, we have created packages that reward the commitment you are prepared to put in and support the goals you are wishing to achieve through your Pilates sessions. With these packages, the goal is to make it possible to attend 2-3 sessions a week at the Studio while enabling Clients to practice safe and effective workouts in their own home. These bonuses are considered free in a direct debit monthly payment. There is a minimum commitment of 12 weeks for all memberships, after which the membership can be suspended or cancelled. There are no membership fees involved and class sessions are not higher in price than class packs.




The Mat Work sessions are held once or twice a week dependent on Client need. Times will be notified on our website, the online schedule, in Studio, Instagram and Facebook.


Mat Work sessions will be a fast paced flowing classical mat, including small apparatus such as weights and magic circles. Mat Work sessions will be tailored to the level of clients who attend the session. All levels are welcome. Be prepared to be challenged or to tone it down a level depending on your ability. We teach Mat Work as part of our Studio sessions and expect Clients to be familiar with most of the exercises. Corrections will be minimal. These are sessions for a good general workout. Injuries and specific needs will not be catered to in the sessions.


Sessions will be 45 minutes. Capacity of 12-15 per session.





All Clients receive a Mat Work poster so they can practice at home. In addition, we offer a 30 minute programming session once a month to tailor a classical Pilates workout which you can do at home. These sessions include a review of your program and a discussion and demonstration or any exercises. Sessions are 30 minutes with up to 4 clients.



Group and Private class packs do not include the membership bonuses or free mat work classes or the mat work program session. 




1. All booked sessions must be cancelled within 24 hours through the online booking system, in person or by telephone. Cancellations made out of this time frame will be charged as a Late Cancellation.

2. Late Cancellation/No Show Fee - all Group Studio Classes and Private Studio Classes will be charged the full session fee.

3. The New Client Offer must be completed within 3 weeks and can only be purchased once by an individual unless purchasing for someone else.

4. Clients may not attend a Group or Private class session unless paid before the class.

5. All payments are non-refundable or transferable.

6. Payments can be made through our online bookings system or in the Studio. We accept credit cards or cash in the Studio.

7. All prices include GST.

8. Membership Packs must be purchased on a direct debit monthly (fortnightly payments are an option on request) for a minimum of 12 weeks. Classes are to be used within the payment period of 1 month and are non-transferable.

All classes must be booked in advance. Membership packs may be suspended on request for up to one month. Memberships are automatically suspended during Studio closure over the Christmas/New Year period.

9. Class Packs for Group Studio and Private Studio sessions have a time limit of: 5 Pack to be used within 7 weeks; 10 Pack to be used within 12 weeks. Packages may be suspended for 1 week on a 5 Pack and 2 weeks on a 10 Pack. Class Packs are automatically suspended during Studio closure over the Christmas/New Year period.